Competitive research projects at the Department of Production Engineering and Management

1. "Registration, evaluation and assessment of the environmental impact of the Municipality of Xanthi activities using the method of Life Cycle Analysis", financing Municipality of Xanthi (2015-2016) Funding € 5k, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

2. "Methods to Refine The Self-Localization of Planetary Rovers Using Orbital Imaging, NPI 289-2013" Funding European Space Agency (ESA), (2013-2016), € 90k Financing, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos.

3. "Hellenic Civil Unmanned Air Vehicle", GSRT Funding, Action "Cooperation 2011" (2013-2015) Financing 216k €, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

4. "Plan for energy saving in buildings of the Black Sea area", E.N.P.I. Funding (European Neighbourhood Partnership Instrument) and Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (2013-2015) Financing 56k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

5. "Review of methods of measurement and assessment of environmental sustainability", Funding Municipality of Kavala & Municipality of Alexandroupolis (2013-2015) Financing 3k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

6. "Measurement and evaluation of concentration levels of particulate matter in the urban atmospheric environment of the Municipality of Drama" Funding Municipality of Drama (2013-2015) Financing 24,5k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

7. "Calculating the carbon footprint of the Municipality of Alexandroupolis" Funding Municipality of Alexandroupolis (2012-2013) Financing 22,5k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

8. "Calculating the carbon footprint of the City Kavala" financing Municipality of Kavala (2012), Financing 20,5k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

9. "Armour and Protection STC - SIM PARIS (Protection Assessment Environment for Integrated Soldier System - Simulator)" (2012-2013), Funding British Ministry of Defense, Finance £ 13k, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

10. "Overview, analysis and evaluation of offsets in mining projects. Implementation of the mining project Sapes Rodopi" Funding Thrace Minerals SA, (2012-2013), Finance 22,5k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

11. "Autonomous Vehicle Emergency Recovery Tool, (AVERT), FP7-SEC-2011-1-285092" (2012-2015), Funding European Commission - Security (SEC), (2012-2015), Funding of € 355k, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

12. "SPAring Robotics Technologies for Autonomous Navigation", Funding European Space Agency (ESA), (2011-2012), € 65k Financing, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

13. "Evaluation of environmental and social dimensions of the gold project in region of Sapes Rodopi" Funding Thrace Minerals SA, (2011), Financing 17k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

14. "Evaluation of the environmental dimensions of the gold project in Perama Alexandroupolis" Funding Thrace Minerals SA, (2010-2011), Finance 12,5k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

15. "Innovative and Novel First Responders Applications (INFRA), FP7-ICT-SEC-2007-1-225272", Funding European Commission - joint call Security (SEC) & Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), (2009-2011 ) Financing 207k € + 17k € matching funds, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

16. "Development of educational and research activities of the materials sector, processes and engineering Dep. of Production Engineering and Management" Funding S & B Industrial Minerals SA (2008-2009) Financing 10k €, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

17. "Development of methodological framework for assessing the environmental sustainability of industrial activities. Case Study: Mineral & Mining", S & B Funding Industrial Minerals SA (2008-2010) Funding € 8k, P.I. Georgios Gaidajis

18. "Vision and Chemiresistor Equipped Web-connected Finding Robots (View-Finder), FP6-IST-2006-045541", Funding European Commission - Information Society Technologies (IST), (2007-2010), Finance 269k € + 22 , 5k € matching funds, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

19. "Autonomous Collaborative Robots to Swing and Work in Everyday EnviRonment (AP.I.OBOTER), FP6-IST-2006-045530", Funding European Commission - Information Society Technologies (IST), (2007-2010), Finance 387k € + 30k € matching funds, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

20. "Development and Implementation of New Algorithms Pattern Recognition Based on Biologically Inspired Models and Intelligent Systems", GSRT Funding, PENED (2005-2008) Financing 54k €, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

21. "Development of New Techniques of Identification and Classification", GSRT Funding, R & T Cooperation between Greece and Slovenia (2005-2007), Financing 12k €, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos

22. "Improvement of the Emergency Risk Management through Secure Mobile Mechatronic Support to Bomb Disposal (RESCUER), FP6-IST-511492", Funding European Commission - Information Society Technologies (IST), (2004-2008), Funding € 263k + 65k € matching funds, P.I. Antonios Gasteratos


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